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01 May 2023

1h 44s

Overcoming the Challenges of Observing Ramadan - with Fahad and Zarin Raza



Trigger warning: this show discusses sensitive mental health topics.

In this podcast episode, we delve into the topics of the challenges of observing Ramadan and mental health in traditional Asian households with our guests, Fahad and Zarin Raza. As we explore the challenges of observing Ramadan and the impact it can have on mental and physical health, Fahad and Zarin share their personal experiences and insights.

Growing up in traditional Asian households, Fahad and Zarin discuss how mental health was often a taboo topic and not something that was openly discussed. However, they also share how their relationship with mental health has evolved over time and how they have come to understand its importance.

As we focus on the significance of Ramadan, Fahad and Zarin talk about the physical and mental toll that fasting can have. Sunny fasted for three days with Fahad in order to better understand the experience and be able to relate more with Fahad and Zarin. Sunny and Fahad share a fun story about them breaking fast. They ordered way too much food and barely ate any of it. We also discuss the challenges and rewards of abstaining from vices, and compare the experience to other challenging tasks, like the workout regimen, 75 Hard.

Throughout the conversation, we highlight the impact of cultural and generational differences on mental health discussions, particularly within the Asian community. The guests emphasize the value of learning from and celebrating diversity, while also encouraging listeners to find what works for them as individuals.

Don't miss this insightful and thought-provoking discussion on mental health, cultural differences, and the challenges of Ramadan.

Fahad's bio: “Fahad Raza is a second generation immigrant whose parents settled in the US from Pakistan. Fahad was born and raised in Houston, Texas before moving to Austin to pursue his education in Economics and Finance at the University of Texas. He currently works for a tech startup focusing on decarbonizing heavy freight transport. Fahad enjoys traveling the world along with experiencing different cultures and culinary arts with his wife Zarin.”

Zarin's bio: "Zarin Raza is a data integrations manager at a pharmaceutical digital advertising company. Aside from that, she’s an Austin based lifestyle blogger who dedicates promoting local businesses. She was brought up in a first gen Bangladeshi family and is the oldest and first woman in her family to pursue a full undergraduate and masters degree in the U.S. Zarin loves to discuss and understand the differences between different cultures and upbringings with people that she meets which she uses as inspiration in her day to day life with her work and content creation. "


(0:00:10) - Overcoming Challenges of Observing Ramadan

(0:09:23) - Breaking the Stigma

(0:17:05) - Understanding Ramadan Fasting

(0:30:50) - Feasting After Fasting, With a Twist

(0:34:35) - Observing Ramadan and Its Impact

(0:48:05) - The Struggle and Gratitude of Fasting

(0:59:03) - Learning From Ramadan

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